Want to work for one of the world’s leading entertainment companies in the LA area
during summer break but worried about finding affordable housing?

If you qualify, we’ll cover your housing costs for you to stay on the Cal State Northridge campus
from June 1st through August 12th, 2018
– you pay only for parking and your sustenance! Seriously.

**This opportunity is open to CSU students in any major, interning in any position (i.e. accounting, computer science, marketing, film production, etc.) in the entertainment arts & media field.**

You are eligible for CSUN campus housing if:

1 You enroll for credit through the CSU Entertainment Internship Program or have a verified registration for a course at your

2You are a current CSU student, or have graduated within the past 24 months.

3 You currently live farther than 30 miles away from your internship worksite.

4 You do not currently or will not have Los Angeles area housing during the summer of your internship within 30 miles of your worksite.

5 You have accepted an offer of a summer internship, either paid or unpaid.

If you meet all 5 criteria above:

Apply Here

*Limited Availability – Deadline has been EXTENDED to May 6, 2018.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact our Creative Operations Manager Haley Seppa at or (415) 405-3965.