CSUEA Internship Program
LCA 576: Internship Experience

Course Requirements:

  • Students must complete a minimum of 100 hours per semester, which works out to roughly 7 hours a week.  Make sure you schedule enough hours to fulfill this requirement.  You can work more than 100 hours, if this is what is required from their internship site or if it is something you want to do.
  • Readings. There are readings about making the most of internships, writing resumés, problem solving at the work place and preparing for interviews. These readings were chosen with the idea of empowering students as they prepare for the job market, including thinking strategically about how to approach it, and develop a thoughtful, organized, and proactive plan for job hunting.

Forms And Deadlines:

1 Employer Agreement – Must be signed by student and supervisor – Due June 19th. Note student peers can NOT act as an employer supervisor.

2Progress Reports: Students must submit two progress reports (midterm & final). It is important that students gauge what they are doing/learning over the course of their internship. It helps them articulate, in concrete terms, what they are getting out of it and what, if any issues need to be addressed or rectified. These reports are designed to protect the student. There have been times when supervisors contacted faculty accusing the intern of not showing up, not doing anything, etc. With the help of the reports, these communication problems were eliminated.

3Midterm Reports: A 2-page in-depth check-in and discussion of internship – Due July 10th.

4 Final Report: 2-page culminating report that offers an in-depth analysis of the overall experience and updated LinkedIn Profile – Due August 11th.

5 Supervisor Evaluations: Each student must submit an evaluation form completed by his or her internship supervisor. Give your supervisor a copy of this form at least a week prior to the due date of August 11th.

Syllabus, Course Forms, & Instructions:

Syllabus – Click here to download a PDF.

Course Forms – Click here to download the .zip file.

Submission Instructions – All forms MUST be submitted through Submittable: https://csuentertainment.submittable.com         Click here for complete instructions.

Internship and Career Development Resources:

  • Building Your Cover Letter http://www.fullerton.edu/career/students/resumes-cover-letters/building-your-cover-letter-recorded-webinar.php

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact our Internship Director Jodie Blum at CSUEAinternship@calstate.edu or (415) 713-8074.