Global Entertainment Studies

The CSUEA is launching an interdisciplinary Global Entertainment Field Experience program in response to the worldwide entertainment marketplace’s demand for new skill sets in the 21st Century.

Student and faculty participants will have an intensive curriculum-linked country visit to foster critical thinking and appreciation for emerging global markets.  They will also be exposed to alternate views and enriching social and cultural experiences by learning in a vastly different environment.  Students will acquire international skills, global understanding and real-world experience—all valuable skills for potential employers or graduate school.  Faculty can also develop new ideas for curriculum-integration. 

The program features experiential learning about international trends and diverse perspectives through interaction and workshops, classes and visits to and with that region’s entertainment industry executives, artists and leaders as well as institutions of higher learning.  Participants will return with a deeper cultural understanding of their place in the world and be encouraged to be a positive contributor, not just a spectator in the international community.  

These life changing journeys will focus on the world’s most active entertainment centers outside the United States for career development and job prospecting including in: India, China, Mexico, Israel, South Africa and Brazil.  

Stay tuned for more info and program details in 2018!

Collaboration & Interdisciplinary

Educational Partnerships

The CSUEA has established educational partnerships with two leading industry conferences: Digital Hollywood and The TV of Tomorrow Show (TVOT) to offer students and faculty an intense out of classroom learning, networking and career development opportunity at little to no cost!

In 2015, we developed the University Project at Digital Hollywood and produced a series of student and industry focused workshops and panels that showcase CSU programs and faculty leaders. The University Project’s initial success brought in the interest of other universities that feature leading entertainment studies programs including UCLA and USC!  The University Project takes place during the fall and late spring and features live streaming of most talks and panel events for those CSU students and faculty who cannot attend the conference in person.

In 2017, the CSUEA joined the TVOT Scholars Program.  Stanford University is currently the only other accepted higher education institution in this program designed to foster the next generation of multi-platform TV innovation.  As in the Digital Hollywood University Project, CSU students are offered passes to attend the conference, interact with speakers and attendees and benefit from the insights and experience.

The CSUEA has actively collaborated with The California State University Hospitality & Tourism Management Education Alliance given the links between entertainment and tourism in theme parks and other site-based entertainment.  We have produced a panel at Digital Hollywood focused on site-based immersive entertainment and are exploring partnerships between the Alliances and the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA).

Certification Programs

The CSUEA is developing short form certification programs offered through CSU Extended Education Learning Colleges in conjunction with diverse interdisciplinary colleges, CSU departments and faculty. The focus is on job growth areas in the entertainment and technology industries, including data analytics (big data), entertainment arts business management, digital distribution, immersive media and entrepreneurship.  Participants will receive non-credit “badges” in specialized and in demand skill sets to enhance their career opportunities.

The CSUEA is also exploring working with certification programs that dovetail with existing online curriculum including the Oracle Academy, the Disney Institute and NBC Universal Careers.